Welcome to Xolo Supply Co!

Here at XSC we're on a mission, and it's a mix of serious passion and a whole lot of fun! 

Our Mission?

Simple: to educate, advocate, foster a vibrant community, and create top-tier dog products. 

We're all about arming our incredible community with knowledge to elevate their Xolo journey. And when it comes to products, rest assured – we're in the business of making your Xolos look their absolute best, always.

But here's the real deal and heart of the matter: we're not just here to sell great products; we're here to make a true impact. A real impact that will ultimately benefit the Xolo breed. We're building relationships with ethical breeders and community warriors who are fighting for all the right things that we believe in. These relationships enable us to deliver invaluable information to our community, ensuring that we all move forward in the right direction.

Our success isn't just about sales, likes or views; it's about sparking a revolution in ethical thinking and actions. Together, we can steer this wonderful breed and their owners in the right direction.

We've got a genuine passion for learning and crafting quality products, and we're throwing the doors wide open for you guys. So, if you're as excited about the Xolo breed as we are, we invite you to join us on this thrilling journey towards a brighter, healthier, and more enjoyable future for all our hairless and coated friends. Working together, we can make a real difference.