Ines Kelle (Ring Rider Kennel)

Ines Kelle (Ring Rider Kennel)

Hi, my name is Ines Kelle. 

I am from Croatia, a small country in Europe. 

Growing up I was an only child. At a young age l was always saving animals and bringing them home. I would heal them and then find the best home for them. 

Out of all animals, dogs were my biggest love. 

The dogs l saved were going in and out because my parents didn’t approve of this. The reason was that we were living in a small apartment and their biggest issue was having dog hair everywhere.

Then for the first time I saw the Chinese crested dog breed in a magazine!

I instantly fell in love and also thought that it was the perfect breed my parents would allow. 

This is where my story begins

I had my first Chinese created dog, Teo, in 2007. He was my first show dog, so we went on many dog shows together. He was multi champion and group winner. 

At that time l was breeding Chinese crested.

During this time one of my fellow breeders, from Monte Negro, asked me for a stud. So I headed out there. 

 We were there for a few days and he had mentioned that his favorite dog breed was the Xoloitzcuintle. 

I immediately fell in love with this beautiful dog! With a breathtaking elegance, gorgeous structure and mystical look that could pierce your soul. I was hooked on the breed from that day. 

I searched for a year before I finally got my first Xoloitzcuintle, a standard size named, Roxy. We obtained Roxy from one of the best breeders in Russia, Xolomania. 

I did a lot of my own research on the breed, but Yuliana Ostrizhko also shared her knowledge with me while Roxy was growing up. 

Lidija Klemenčić (Gruffalina's kennel) also helped a lot! She is one of the best Peruvian hairless dog breeders in Europe and one of my closest friends. Lidija helped me choose the right dogs.  

I got my first male Xoloitzcuintle from Malin and Lisbeth Kallunki (Fullibus kennel). They also shared a lot of their knowledge with me, which I am very grateful for. 

That male, Fullibus Breaking dawn, was one of the first, if not the first winner of all breed best in show 1 in Croatia!

Through the years we exchanged dogs and kept a great friendship.

Key features 

Besides the overall beauty of the dog, good anatomy and keeping up with the guidelines of the official breed standards, l'm also searching for good temperament and behavior!  

We need to be aware of the fact that this is a primitive breed with great strength, a lot of muscle and sometimes territorial behavior.

They are very intelligent and can be stubborn. 

They’re also sensitive and do not take harsh punishment well. A more positive approach and positive methods work best on xolos. 


We need to put more emphasis on the temperament of this breed. 

The breed is still very rare so it is sometimes challenging finding dogs with these specific characteristics.  

I would like to share a quote from, Amanda Stone, that in my opinion describes the breed temperament perfectly. By Amanda Stone -  

“The breed is supposed to be aloof” is not a justification for a temperament that is overly shy or fearful. 

Aloof and timid are not synonymous. 

An aloof temperament is being quietly confident and indifferent toward others, not overly nervous about everyone they encounter.”

Let’s talk about breeding

 Something very important in breeding is health testing.

Depending on the size of the dog ( toy, miniature & standard) there is recommended testing we do.

I mainly focus on the standard size, so l do testing on the hips, elbows, clinical eye check and sometimes heart check.

For hips and elbow checks, the dogs have to be put under anesthesia.

If those tests aren’t good enough then l would not use that dog in my breeding practices. 


Socialization can be a big issue for this breed. Through the years l have found a system that works for me.  

I found that early neurological stimulation, that is mostly used in working dogs, has given me perfect results with my xolos. 

After our puppies receives their second vaccination for puppy illness they are ready to go outside for some socialization. This can include going to the mall, parks, meeting new people and other dogs.

Im lucky to have a small child who helps me with socialization, naturally, by playing with them all the time. 

Breeders responsibilities

It is important that breeders have a lot of knowledge on the breed before jumping in. 

Just like humans, dogs are living beings! So of course you’ll need to look after them to make sure that everything is ok with their mental and physical health.

In order to be an ethical breeder you must be willing to sacrifice your personal time to put the needs of your dogs ahead of your own. 

Ethical breeders must do health checks! I believe that ethical breeders must also have dogs as pets. Not all dogs are show quality or breed quality dogs, but they’re all perfect pets. 

 Potential future owners

When buying a xolo, future owners should do their own research on the bloodline they’re considering, the breeder and also check out other dogs from that kennel. The best information you can get is from other owners that have purchased from that specific kennel. 

Most of the time I don't interview my potential buyers because they find me on social networks. Instead I go on their profile and get the information l need.

I have been breeding for 15 years and from the very first message I receive regarding selling my puppy to somebody, l get the feeling on whether l should sell the puppy to them or not. 

If I don’t get all the information I ask of them, I’ll do my own research on them and then I make my decision. 

Dog showing 

When we prepare our dogs for shows, there needs to be a combination of mental and physical preparation.

They need the right amount of exercise for their muscles and body posture. Their skin needs treatments, such as sun tanning to get the right color. Their skin care is peelings, baths and creams.

The Mental part is also very important because even if you have the most beautiful dog, it still needs to present itself. The dog has to have a good connection with the handler and good movement.

When judges make their decision on the winner, they equally judge the overall appearance and the movement. 


I’ve almost lost count of how many champions we’ve had worldwide, but the ones lm most proud of are this years two world winners. JWW Ring rider License to win and JWW Ring rider Next top model. She also won junior best of breed in Brno, Chech Republic.

At the European dog show we got JEW Ring rider One of a kind, he also won JEW best of breed. 

One of our proudest moments was definitely getting Best in show Supreme with Ring rider Euphoria Estella. She was the most beautiful dog from three dog shows marathon.

I had never heard of a xolo winning that title before. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing for us and the dogs at dog shows is that we have a great and enjoyable time without stress. 

We love to hang out with our friends there, play with our dogs and just have fun.


For any future owners, all l can say is that you will fall in love with your xolo! You’ll have a perfect fiend by your side, always. 

A friend that is unique, mysterious and special.

Love from Croatia,

Ines Instagram: @ringriderkennel

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