Ekaterina Pavlova

Ekaterina Pavlova

Hello everyone, my name is Ekaterina Pavlova and I am a breeder of the Xoloitzcuintle breed. 

I made my way in the breed 5 years ago, that’s when I got my first xolo, Daymon (Pax). 

It’s believed that Xolos are guides to another world, well, Daymon became a guide for me to the world of dogs and to the world of shows. 

I watched and learned a lot at exhibitions and I continue to discover new things for myself. It does take time to begin to understand dogs, their characteristics and their behavior. 

I like beautiful dogs; I like the feeling of victory and excitement. So this is why I would like to keep developing and growing further in this direction. 

Later I got a second dog named Mia (Amiko Antico Mamma Mia). She became a real star in the rings! Damon and Mia are the two main dogs in my life and in our kennel. They are the parents of our first puppies, they are a family, a PAV LOVE DOG family.

We are very proud of all their achievements. They are both interchampions and champions of many countries. Also winners of specialty Xolo - shows. We really enjoy the couple-show, where we already have some success. We are proud to say that we won the couples competition at the main specialty Xolo-show in our country last year and their dog show career continues. 

Dogs of our breed are very beautiful and I may like different types, but harmony is above all. 

I prefer elegant dogs with good movements, long tails and beautiful heads. I pay attention to the bottom lines, legs; in general, this is a complete image, a beautiful silhouette. 

I judge strictly, but I think it’s important that breeders do this.

When choosing a dog for breeding, I pay attention to everything – there are no unimportant details. For example, If we’re talking about dog shows then of course temperament is a big thing we focus on. The show wouldn’t work with out good temperament.

I would like to say a few words about health. Xolos are considered a healthy breed, but I personally still health test all my dogs I use in breeding. This is a check of the joints, heart, eyes, and also an X-ray of the tail. It does not take much time; but it is important to visit a good clinic. When we test the luxation of patella, an external manual examination by a qualified doctor is sufficient. Light anesthesia is used to test for dysplasia. Of course, I don’t enjoy giving anesthesia to my dogs. Therefore, for medium-sized bitches, I can only do with testing Patella. All males should be examined in as much detail as possible.

As for puppies and their owners I will say this: breeders should try to choose the best owners and owners should choose the best puppies that fit them. Xoloitzcuintles are human-oriented, they’re excellent companions! 

The main thing breeders still work with is alertness to strangers. Some dogs are afraid of new people. To minimize this behavior, we need to socialize pups from an early age – show them the world, take them to shops and to visit new places. We like to invite friends to our place and also walk in noisy places. Some other examples are turning on the lawn mower near puppies and clapping my hands. It’s great to have puppies interact with woman, men, children, and with teens at an early age. This plays a big role in the dogs future as they will not single out one person. Since it’s a common problem that Xolos are more impressed with women and near men show insecure behaviors.

Breeding is not a hobby, this is my life. All I think about is my dogs, where our next exhibition will be, to which cities we’re going next, what new things we would do together, how to choose a place for our next photo shoot, etc. 

I also enjoy sitting and digging through the breedarchive, studying pedigrees and searching for the dogs I like in the networks. 

I am now happily enjoying the growth of the children of my dogs and to see that they’re already taking their first steps and winning their first titles. It’s always so exciting and touching for me! Together we are one big international family – family PAV LOVE DOG. Through all this i’ve met many people from other countries, we communicate and share our impressions. They are not just the owners of my puppies, I feel we are one whole. I am very grateful for them and I’m happy to call them friends! 

We recently had an important event happen in our family – a male and female from the birthplace of 

the breed, Mexico, came into our lives. Violeta (Hernandez) and Ciceron (Mendez).

They’re still puppies, but we have high hopes for them and we hope that they will be great examples of the Xolo breed. From the bottom of our hearts we thank Luis Hernandez and Graciela Mendez for trusting us with these beauties!

I am not doing this alone, we have a team and I would like to introduce them all: Olga Rozova and Sofia Melnikova. Olga is the owner of the female of my breeding, Winona Pav Love Dog, and also the co-owner of our Mexican newcomers, Violeta and Ciceron. Sofia is my handler, she is engaged in the preparation and show of our dogs at exhibitions. She is a great handler and friend, all the victories of my Xolo are her merit. 

I thank my dear friends from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to them I am boldly moving forward!

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