Luis Angel Garcia

Luis Angel Garcia

My name is Luis Angel Garcia Hernandez and I’m from Mexico City. 

I initially got involved with Xoloitzcuintles by luck in 2003, without knowing much about the breed, my mom adopted an Intermediate Xolo named Rocko. 

 One day, while I was walking Rocko a woman came up to us and asked if I showed him. Turns out she was a vet involved in showing and she thought he was nice enough to be shown. Her words sparked my curiousity and that’s when I decided to look for more information about showing. While looking to get involved into shows I met the vet Manuel Rangel and Mr. Sergio Aguilera. They invited us to talks about the breed, eventually to shows, every event related to the dog fancy world and Xolos. Thus, preparing us without knowing for the next step. 

Later on we had the oportunity of adopting another Xolo, this time a Standard male we named Huilo. 

We decided we wanted to take the next step and show Huilo, but we still had a long way to go and a lot to learn. Our friend Sergio Aguilera told us he knew a very good handler who could teach me how to start showing and who also introduced us to Victor Alvarez, who is also a breeder.

Victor taught me how to condition, work and train my Xolo for the show ring; we were hooked with the sport! 

Later on I decided this is what I loved, but I needed an actual show dog, so I bought a female bred by Victor, named Tlahuica. She made me realize how much I loved the breed, and was a wonderful dog! A bit shy, but very close to me and my family, our bond was so strong that she would do anything to make me happy! We trained a lot and I personally handled her in every show we could, she was not very happy being touched by strangers at shows, but did it for me. 

Not long after I starting showing her we got our first wins, from breed wins to winning the World Winner Championship in 2007! 

After that more Xolos came to our lives, each one of them brought us so much happiness, satisfaction and achievements. Like our beloved Bisha who brought us our first Best in Show win! Or Mali and Jaci, both winners of more Best in Shows and Best in Specialty placements, and others bred by us who also followed their steps bringing several championship titles and Best in Show wins and placements home.

Besides the enourmous satisfaction inside the show ring, we have also been lucky to meet great people throught this journey. People who share the same love, ethics and of course, passion that we have for our beautiful breed like my dear friends Maria Guadalupe Arena or Giovanna Suedan, both of them whom I have worked closely inside and out the show ring.

Going back to the breed and breeding; my mother, Alicia, and I have bred our dogs keeping their well being at the top of our list. Our emphasis is the health and temperaments of the dogs we decide to breed and include in our breeding program as we belive this is something all those who would like to breed should focus more on. Good health and good temperaments come from breeding practices as much as from proper socialization.

Most importantly, over breeding and any title we can get its of course valuing the well being of our dogs, avoiding the support of puppy mills/backyard breeders, being responsible breeders and pet owners. This is a beautiful breed and we need to work hard to preserve its nature and health.

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