Carlos Albuquerque

Carlos Albuquerque

Hi, My name is Carlos Albuquerque!

I’ve been breeding Bulldogs for over 20 years, having won numerous titles here in Brazil and abroad, under the Javary kennel name. As a judge, I've been all over South America and the US, including judging at The Bulldog Club Of America Nationals last November in Knoxville, Tennessee. Something that makes me very proud. I am also the President of the Bulldog Breed Council in my country.

I started to be interested in the Xoloitzcuintle breed a long time ago, about a decade ago, but I only acquired my first one in 2017. It was actually a gift from a breeder: Mrs. Barbara Pendergrass (Rafina Chihuahuas), from Michigan. I went to her house to deliver a Chihuahua puppy from Brazil when I saw an intermediate Xolo running among the Chihuahuas (another breed I really like). The rest as they say is history, and Barbara, who happens to be one of the best Chihuahua breeders in the US, was kind enough to give me that Xolo, considering my interest in the breed.

Her name is Angie (CH Mirasol Marcasite Of Rafina), and she just turned 11 and I can say that it was love at first sight. If before the look of the breed amazed me, in these 4 years with Angie I can say that she became the dog of my life beca of her temperament. Friendly, faithful, affectionate, intelligent and... warm. LOL A partner, from past lives...

After all, Xolos has this reputation, since the time of the Aztecs, in circulating between this world and beyond. When you live with a Xolo, you even start to believe it. Undoubtedly, it is a love that transcends these plans.

Today, in addition to Angie, (who is an American Champion and FCI Veteran World Champion 2022) I have a Miniature, Mayahuel (Junior World Champion 2022), bred by my friend Jonathan Lara from Mexico and an intermediate male, Mariano Espinoza (World winner pup 2022), from the traditional Jalisco kennel, owned by Guillermo Espinoza. In fact, Guillermo has been a great friend and we are starting a solid partnership in Xolos and Bulldogs.

Here in Brazil, I have the encouragement of two pioneers in the Breed (but in the Standard size): Maria Alice and Isabela Bicudo, mother and daughter. Maria Alice is also a FCI judge. Every day I feel that more important than keeping and breeding this primitive and mystical dog is the mission to defend the Xolo in my country. Here we are still the only ones and we just want to develop it in the best possible way, respecting its history, its ancestry and above all breeding in accordance to the FCI standard. I don't feel like I'm just defending the breed, but I feel that History itself is in our hands.

If you love Xolos as much as we do, feel free to visit our Instagram @xolos.brasil and let’s talk about Xolos!

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