Niek & Jöelle

Niek & Jöelle

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Hi, we are Niek & Jöelle. We are a couple that reside in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and we want to share the story of our Xolo Xhul. 

The story of Xolo Xhul

The story of Xhúl started in a very different way than probably most of the Xolo’s out there. Probably he was once bought by someone, as a present or a fancy owning, but even as a breed dog he came to teach us that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be “cared” more. Sadly enough humans can be very selfish sometimes... This is the story of Xhül, an abandoned Xolo: 

He was reported by someone in Playa del Carmen (who uploaded a picture on Facebook). He looked extremely skinny, abused, and exhausted, a picture in my mind I will never forget and that made my heart crash into million pieces, I couldn’t let him go and immediately thought about helping him, he wouldn't survive another week under those conditions. 

I directly called Niek to share the picture and he instantly said that we should rescue him. So, I decided to put my hands on this case and with the help of my mom and my sister, we went to find him. It took us almost 4 hours to find him as we just had the area where he was seen wandering but of course not an exact place. Many people replied to that Facebook post but no one had the “possibility” as it always happens to take action. The dog looked big, extremely sick, and despite it being a Xolo apparently not enough to be rescued. 

I am happy we went for him, to offer a new opportunity in life to be loved and cared for. The first days were critical, Xhúl was very skinny, with several stomach problems, and his skin was extremely dry, damaged and was covered in scars. After being checked by the vet, the blood test showed that he had anemia and Ehrlichia. The vet told us that he wouldn’t have survived many more days on the streets. I knew that despite all he had suffered in his life he was a warrior and that he would finally get over this to survive once again, that this could be the last chance to believe again in humans. 

We informed people through that Facebook post that we rescued him and that we would take care of him. We decided to share Xhúl’s rescue story within Xolo groups on Facebook. Luckily lots of people who followed the story since the beginning and who were not able to help directly offered to donate for his recovery. Therefore we decided to open an Instagram account (Xolo.Xhul) so people could be sure all their donations were going to be used for good and mostly to save Xhúl's life. 

After 5 months of medications, excellent nutrition, and most important Love he was able to fly to his forever home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Where his father Niek was waiting for him to offer the best life ever. Niek has always wanted a Xolo and knowing that he would help him to be happy again was the most meaningful part of this rescue. 

Since his arrival in the Netherlands, Xhúl has made a lot of progress, he is still scared of strong noises (especially fireworks), big dogs, and sometimes of certain people. But little by little he is learning to get along with other dogs and he’s finding a special interest in toys. He loves to be outside, chasing invisible animals or actual rabbits and cats. But being inside, covered under the blankets or getting a lot of belly rubbing time also belongs to his favorite activities.

He also loves to travel by car. Every we go he joins us. So far, he has been to 6 different countries in Europe: Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland. Everywhere he goes he is a superstar and people always come to ask about him, and his breed (as for many people the breed is still unknown). Everyone gets shocked to see how Xhúl looked almost a year ago, as he looks like a completely different dog.

Xhúl’s name

 During one of our travels through Mexico we visited Chiapas. While visiting the Palenque archaeological site, a tour guide explained us all the Zodiac signs of the Mayan Calendar. One of the Zodiac signs was named Xul; meaning dog God, dog with suntail. A name that always kept within our minds. And what finally resulted in the name of Xhúl.

What inspired us to get into Xolos?

Jöelle – I have always liked Xolos. It’s a breed that belongs to my roots.  I love dogs and animals in general, I've been rescuing dogs from the streets for many years while living in Mexico and Xhúl our Xolo-son picked us to become his parents. We always talked about having a Xolo one day, but I knew deep in my heart that HE would find us somehow, I am completely against buying a dog, I support and prefer to adopt.

Niek – For me since roughly 10 years ago, when I visited Mexico for the first time. After that we have been fantasizing about having a Xolo. Since my first visit to Mexico I remember, I saw a couple of Xolos walking near the pyramids of Teotihuacan. I was intrigued by the looks of them. After that moment I have been researching on the internet about the breed. Knowing it’s such a special and rare breed I knew it would be difficult to get one myself, as we prefer to adopt a dog so we can give a dog a well-deserved 2nd chance in life. In December 2020, I found online a Xolo puppy that was in adoption, it was just a matter of waiting till he was old enough to get on a plane. The plan was to fly to the Tennessee, USA on the first week February 2021. But due to new Covid restrictions, that was set a few days after the inauguration of President Biden, it was not possible for European citizens to travel to the USA. So, I had to let this opportunity go. The disappointment was so big, that I started exploring the options to find a breeder to buy a Xolo puppy. Fortunately, I failed in my search as Jöelle found Xhúl on January 18th 2022. At that time Jöelle was at Playa del Carmen for holidays and visiting her family, due to a positive Covid test she had to stay longer, as her original flight back to Amsterdam was scheduled for first week of January. 


Jöelle – I wouldn’t just centralize it in Xolo’s as a breed but to educate people around about respecting dogs and animals in general. Since early and old ages I think its extremely important to teach people that animals rights and feelings and that they also deserve to be loved and cared.  

Niek – I feel extremely proud of Xhúl. And basically, I tell everyone about his story but also about the background of the breed. I would like people to know more about Xolos and to ensure that this beautiful breed will remain existing. 

We Can Be The Change

What I, Jöelle would like to share is that no matter the breed, age, condition, or situation there should always be a way to help, to change a life and a destiny. Dogs and animals in general have a lot to teach us. The amount of love and reward you get after helping a dog is immense. We cannot change the world, but we can be a change. 

Xhúl is probably my xxxx rescued dog, I don’t have an exact number of rescued dogs so far, but I know for sure he won’t be the last one, I encourage people to always consider adoption instead of buying. Or at least try to find the way to do so. In case of a Xolo it’s almost impossible, therefore please search well for a good breeder, someone that loves the breed and not just use it to make a lot of money out of this wonderful and special breed.

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